Ari Hoenig/Gael Horellou Quartet
Nath (2019)

Ari Hoenig Trio
Conner’s Days
Fresh Sound (2019)

Senri Oe
Sony Music (2020)

John Nam
Mirrorball Music (2019)

Andres Por
Dimma (2019)

Charles Owens Quartet
Live at Smalls
Smalls Live (2018)

Ari Hoenig
NY Standard
Fresh Sound (2018)

Morten Haxholm
Storyville (2018)

Kenny Werner
Animal Crackers

Orlando le Fleming and Romantic Funk
OLF Records (2017)

Quentin Angus
In Stride
QFTF Records (2017)

Alvistar Funk Association

Nasty Factorz
Nasty Factorz
DTC Records (2016)

Rebecca Larsdotter
Losen Records (2016)

Jacam Manricks
Chamber Jazz

Macy Gray
Chesky 2016

Andres Por

Ari Hoenig
The Pauper and the Magician
(AH-HA Records 2016)

Kenny Werner
The Melody
(Piroet 2015)

Morten Haxholm Quartet
Quintessence of Dust
(LongLife Records 2015)

Yul Ballestros
Nine Tales from the Inner Space

Shahin Novsli
(Bee Jazz 2014)

Gael Horellou
(Fresh Sound 2014)

Ari Hoenig
Rhythm Training
(Mymusicmasterclass.com 2014)

Morten Haxholm Quartet
Storyville Records 2013

Tristan Lauriot
Keep a Safe Distance from Elephants
(Enja 2013)

Lines of Progression
Joel Frahm, Ari Hoenig, Jesper Lovdal, Soren Mueller
(Ilk records 2013)

Diego Barber
(Origin Records 2013)

Jamie Oehlers Quartet
Smoke And Mirrors
(Jazzhead 2012)

David Caldwell Mason
Cold Snap

Melodic Drumming DVD (Jazzheaven.com 2012)

Ari Hoenig Johannes Weidenmueller Metric Modulations Expanding and Contracting Time Within Form Vol 2 (Book/DVD) Mel Bay 2012

Ari Hoenig
Lines of Oppression
(Naive/AHHA 2011)

Ari Hoenig
Systems Book 1 Drumming Technique and
Melodic Jazz Independence (Alfred Publishing 2011)
Digital Download
Hard Copy

Pilc Moutin Hoenig
Motema 2011

Diego Barber
The Choice
(Sunnyside 2011)

Ari Hoenig
Punk Bop Live at Smalls
(Smalls Live 2010)

Euan Burton/Tom Gibbs Group
Forgotten Things
(Weejazz Records 2010)

Peter Schwebs
Stories from Sugar Hill
(Laika Records 2010)

Yul Ballestros
Minor Things
(Irina Records 2010)

Ari Hoenig /Johannes Weidenmueller
Intro to Polyrhythms (Book/DVD)
(Mel Bay 2009)

The Ari Hoenig Songbook
(AH HA Music 2009)

Jean Michel Pilc
A Portrait (DVD)
(Living Jazz Archive 2009)

Misha Piatigorsky
17 Rooms
(Misha Music 2009)

Kenny Werner
With a Song in My Heart
(Venus Records  2009)

Young Joo Song
Love Never Fails
(Stomp Music 2009)

Beaty Brothers Band
(B3 2008)

Ari Hoenig
Bert’s Playground
(Dreyfus Records 2008)

Akiko Grace
Graceful Vision
Savoy (Columbia Music 2008)

Vincent Bourgeyx
(Fresh Sound 2008)

Gael Horellou
Pour la Terre
(DTC records 2008)

Joris Roelofs
Introducing Joris Roelofs
(Material Records 2008)

Will Vinson
(nineteen eight 2008)

Rory Stuart
So Rise Up
(Smart Cat Music 2008)

Russ Nolan
With You in Mind
(Rhinoceros 2008)

John Nam
Into a New Groove
(Stomp Jazz 2008)

Sam Yahel, Seamus Blake, Mike Moreno
Jazz Side of the Moon
(Chesky Records 2008)

Jean Michel Pilc
New Dreams
(Dreyfus 2007)

Ari Hoenig
(Dreyfus Records 2007)

Bill Carrothers
Keep Your Sunny Side Up
(Pirouet 2007)

John Nam
No Regrets
(Stomp Music 2007)

Kenichi Doami

Misha Piatigorsky
Uncommon Circumstance

Edmar Castaneda
Cuarto de Colores

Antoine Herve
Road Movie
(Nocturne, 2006)

Nick Russo

Simona Premazzi
Looking for an Exit

Tigran Hamasyan
World Passion
(Nocturne, 2006)

Gilad Hekselman
(Smalls Records 2006)

Sebastian Noel
Across the River
(Fresh Sound 2006)

Bojan Z
(Label Bleu 2006)

Ari Hoenig
Kinetic Hues DVD
(Smalls Records 2005)

Richard Bona
(Universal 2005)

Patricia Julien Project

Woody Witt
Square Peg Round Hole
(Apria Records 2005)

Paul Bollenback
Brightness of Being
(Elephant Dreams 2005)

Michael Campagna
Passionate Nature

Heather Bennett
Reflections in Red
(Apria Records 2005)

Ari Hoenig
The Painter
(Smalls Records 2004)

JD Walter
Two Bass, a Face and a Little Skin
(Dreambox Media 2004)

Yosuke Onuma
The Three Primary Colors
(Sony Records 2004)

Sila Cevikce
A New Abode
(Steeplechase 2004)

Kenny Werner
(Half Note 2004)

Jean Michel Pilc
Cardinal Points
(Dreyfus 2003)

Jazz Mandolin Project
Jungle Tango
(Lenapee Records 2003)

Chris Kase
Nine Easy Pieces
(Satchmo Jazz 2003)

Jam Session Vol 6
(Steeplechase 2003)

Ari Hoenig
The Life of a Day
(AH HA Records 2002)

Kenny Werner
Beat Degeneration
(Sunnyside 2002)

Kenny Werner
Free Play
(Jamey Aebersold Jazz 2002)

Jean Michel Pilc
Welcome Home
(Dryfus Records 2002)

Jonathan Kreisburg
(New for Now 2002)

Julien Lourau
The Rise
(Label Bleu 2002)

Jeffery Burr
Bright Blue

Timo Elliston
The Cobbler’s Son

Jazz Mandolin Project
After Dinner Jams
(Lenapee 2001)

JD Walter/Dave Liebman
Clear Day
(Double Time 2001)

Richard Bona
(Colombia, Sony Music 2001)

Mike Stern
Video “Live at the 55 Bar”
(Ritor Music 2001)

Kenny Werner Trio
Form and Fantasy
(Night Bird, Sunnyside 2001)

Diedre Rodman
Sun is Us
(Sunnyside 2001)

Harumi Igarashi
A Song for You
(BMG 2001)

Ari Hoenig
Time Travels
(1K Recordings 2000)

Jean-Michel Pilc Trio
Together: Live at Sweet Basil
volumes 1 & 2
(Challenge 2000)

Kenny Werner
Beauty Secrets
(BMG 2000)

The Jazz Mandolin Project
(Blue Note 2000)

Josh Roseman Unit
(ENJA 2000)

Tony Purrone
(Steeplechase 2000)

Matt Shulman
While We Sleep

Ari Ambrose
(Steeplechase 2000)

Thor Madsen
Metal Dog
(Red Giant 2000)

Brian Charette
Live at Deanna’s
(Rivington Records 1999)

Richard Bona
Scenes From My Life
(Columbia /Sony 1999)

James Hurt
Dark Grooves and Mystical Rhythms
(Blue Note 1999)

The Jazzheads
Avant Wot Not
(1K Recordings 1999)

Jacques Schwarz-Bart
(Fresh Sound 1999)

Lou Lanza
Shadows & Echoes
(Challenge 1998)

Norman Simmons
The Heat and the Sweet
(Milljac 1997)

Lou Lanza
Corner Pocket
(J-Bird 1997)

Nilufer Ruacan Verdi
(ADA muzik 1997)

UNT One O’Clock Lab Band
Lab 95
(North Texas Jazz 1996)