A few years ago I had the pleasure of going to the Bosphorus factory in Istanbul and designing a cymbal there. The factory there is most impressive. It’s an old horse stables converted into a cymbal factory. Nothing is automated there folks. It’s the real deal. The design is complete and I’m thrilled with the results.  I’m now endorsing Bosphorus Lyric series cymbals. The Lyric series set includes a 23′ ride, 19′ ride and 14′ hi hats. You can hear them here, and buy them here.



This was an idea that I developed with the great inventor Paul Lacotta. They finally became a reality this year.




There is a video of me playing the first prototype (before they had ripened).
click here.






I have been using Yamaha drums since Ed Soph recommended them to me in College. They have a precise pitch a warm sound and are extremely versatile.

Acoustic Drums:
Absolute Maple
18×14 Bass Drum
12×8 Tom
14×14 Floor Tom
14×5.5 Bamboo Snare Drum

CL-945L Tom Arm
SS-940 Snare Drum Stand
HS-950 Hi-Hat Stand
DS-840 Drum Throne
FP-8110 Foot pedal

Ari’s Yamaha page

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After Ayotte sticks went out of business I didn’t know if I would ever find a comparable stick. Finally, after searching for over a year and going through what seems like hundreds of stick models I finally found it and it’s by far better than the Ayotte stick. It’s more consistent and has a smoother finish. It’s Vater’s Sugar Maple Fusion.

I use Evans heads because they are strong, consistent and sound great!

Evans G1 Coated heads for the batter side of all the toms and the snare.

G1 Clear heads for the bottom heads of all toms.
Hazy 200 for the bottom of the snare.