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"He's got Rhythm of every variety" " trickles of rhythm seeping into all the cracks and at regular intervals he changes the rhythm, pouring it out or stoppering it, turning its emphasis around, subdividing or refocusing it and making it follow the melody."
--Ben Ratliff New York Times

"Ari Hoenig is one of the most maniacally obsessive, spasmodic and musical drummers in jazz."

“Rhythm is a contact sport for Ari Hoenig”
“expansive technique, propulsive time and deep musicality" "his style is characterized by a crisp attack and quick attentive reflexes.
---Nate Chinen, NEW YORK TIMES

"Ari Hoenig is a Magician!"

"Ari Hoenig, a disconcerting phenomenon of the drums"

Postbop daredevil Ari Hoenig turns jazz drumming into a thrilling high-wire act.
---Time Out New York

Ari Hoenig likes to get physical. He rubs saliva on his drums, jabs his elbows into them and pokes them like a mad genie. His albums (Time Travels, The Life of a Day) show a drummer in love with his instrument's sound, a man who has an ingenious ability to make music with anything he touches"

"Ari Hoenig combines jaw-dropping intensity, phenomenal technique, and visionary perspective, making him a major force in jazz's evolution through the 21st century"
---Rick Mason Minneapolis/St Paul City Pages

From the physical mayhem of Ari Hoenig’s drumming — limbs flailing, face contorted in agonized delight — comes music of unsurpassed depth and control.
---David Adler-Philadelphia Weekly

Ari Hoenig’s Punk Bop is an altogether different take on jazz.
--Downbeat Magazine

"Drummer Ari Hoenig is an unalloyed pleasure, matching rhythmic verve with a keen ear for melody"

"The worldwide brotherhood of the drums is hereby kicked in the pants! Ari Hoenig's work in the ensembles of Jean-Michel Pilc, Seamus Blake, Jonathan Kreisberg, Pat Martino, and Wayne Krantz has extended the art of jazz drumming into the future. He's done this via telepathic interaction with soloists, forging his own brand of swing and exerting an absolutely uncanny ability to mine melodicism from the kit"
---ALL ABOUT JAZZ (About "Life of a Day")

"Hoenig is a wild card as a drummer, always listening hard, shading and tweaking his responses as if running a department of sound effects."

"Pliability is the outfits calling card-any one of the drummers elaborate constructions has the capability of morphing east or west. The specifics of the interplay are just as intriguing as the music's larger personality. A great example of an utterly vital NYC jazz band."

"The city's hottest young jazz drummer delivers such a powerful message that drums may never be the same." "Ari Hoenig is an underground sensation"
---John McCormick, FLAVORPILL

"A remarkable player with an uncommon penchant for melodicism on the kit, Hoenig has already put out two amazing solo drum recordings in which he plays the heads to familiar jazz standards by playing strictly skins, shells and cymbals with nothing more than sticks, brushes, mallets, hands and elbows.."
---Bill Milkowski JAZZ TIMES

"Among the young jazz drummers recently on the jazz scene Ari Hoenig is the most original and inventive."
---Ferid Bonnour, DRUMMER MAGAZINE

"Pure Melodicism on the kit" "Musicians like Ari make jazz viewing the pleasure that it is"
---Phil Dipietro, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

"Hoenig wowed jazz fans when he came here with Kenny Werner", "Hoenig keeps pushing the limits"
---Barry Davis, JERSALEM POST

"American Drummer steals the show at the Chivas Jazz Festival" "alternates between delicacy and fury on the drums"
---Jotabe Medeiros, SAN PAULO PRESS

"Ari Hoenig's drumming is wonderfully creative, his solos are impressive more for musicality and invention than for the chops on display"

"Ari Hoenig is surprising many with his playing, listening and Virtuosity. A name to remember"
---Anne Legrand, CITIZEN JAZZ

"Ari Hoenig is drumming's newest resourceful shining light, especially on bop forms-his drums dance and flirt with the soloist like few you'll hear. Sweet and Lovely has him coaxing melody out of every available surface on the kit in subtle comfortable ways"
---Phil Dipietro , ALL ABOUT JAZZ

(about Pat Martino group)
"I loved it with the electrifying combination of Ari Hoenig's ferocious drums with Pat Martino's electric leaps across octives and tempos. Hoenig crashed his drums, in warlike fashion, his drums and cymbals, with versatility and daring aggresion."
---Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower, exploredance.com

Ari Hoenig is always where he should be, but never where you expect him.
---Bruce Pulver, Jazz Review.com

Hoenig is one of the bright new lights on the New York scene
---Norman Provizer, ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS

Mr. Hoenig looked like a man whose drums were trying to climb up his chest to tear off his head, and only by flailing with a pair of sticks was he able to keep them off him.

Ari Hoenig, 33, is one of the most accomplished drummers of his generation

Hoenig is a jazz drummer for purists and adventurers alike.

"An album of exceptional quality performed by a close-knit group of phenomenally talented, deeply passionate musicians, The Painter is a must. See them live to experience the intensity, listen at home to discover the subtlety"
---ALL ABOUT JAZZ (about "the Painter")

(about kinetic hues) "Ari Hoenig and Jean Michel Pilc throw ideas around the room like rockets and missiles, as they work out in the intimate performance space at Fat Cat with a live audience to spur them on. Their music rains fire all night long& Ari Hoenig and his musical partners forge a seamless bridge that is designed to carry Jazz's modern mainstream away from the ordinary and forward to new horizons."

(about kinetic hues) "An intimate view of contemporary jazz in the process of coming to life."

This composite band displayed an awe-inspiring level of cohesion, enabling Hoenig to leap from one rhythmic idea to another with exhilarating unpredictability. The drummer's rendition of Moanin' was a tour de force, as Hoenig used mallets and bare hands to play the melody on his drum kit.
---Jessica Nicholas- theage.com

"The next day the concert hall barely set all who came - Americans Rory Stuart and Ari Hoenig were performing. Chamber, intimate style of guitarist and unique style of the drummer had a special effect. Uniqueness of the Ari Hoenig's style is in his skill to work not only on the rhythmical diversity but sonic as well. All percussion instruments are divided into instruments with no pitch (drums), and to instruments with pitch (xylophone, cembalo etc.). So when Ari performed on drums solo from the favorite Kazakh song "Kozemnin Karasy" ("The apple of my eye") written on poetry of the famous Kazakh poet Abai, without any exaggeration the audience was overwhelmed! a fine, delicate masterpiece, the pearl of the festival."

---Translated (badly) from the newspaper
"Novoye Pokoleniye," the national newspaper of Kazakhstan
(May 2, 2008)