May 15

Ari Hoenig Quartet with

Gilad Hekselman, Shai Maestro, Orlando le Fleming

Smalls 10:30pm


May 16

Misha Piatigorsky Quartet

Zinc Bar 8pm


May 18

Wayne Krantz Group with James Genus

55 Bar 10pm


Tour with Billy Childs Quartet May 19-26


May 19

Jazz Composers Symposium

Tampa FL


May 20

Lakeshore Music Series

Tempe AZ


May 21

Bach D+D society

Half Moon Bay CA


May 23

The Triple Door

Seattle WA


May 24

Portland Jazz Festival

Portland OR


May 25

LA College of music.

Masterclass 8pm


May 26

Jazz Bakery

Los Angeles, CA


May 27

Ari Hoenig Trio with

Geoff Keezer and Larry Goldings

The Blue Whale

Los Angeles LA


May 29-June 12

Ari Hoenig trio tour of Australia and New Zealand with

Or Bareket and Nitai Hershkovits


May 30

Masterclass at

Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, Opera Space



Jazz Music Institute




May 31

Groove Warehouse clinic



June 1

Yotam Silberstein Quartet

The Street Theater



June 3

Yotam Silberstein Quartet

Jazz Lab



June 4

Ari Hoenig trio

The Toff in Town


June 5

Ari Hoenig Quartet

505 Sydney


June 6

Melbourne trio with Monash Students

Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre


June 7-10

New Zealand duo with Nitai Hershkovits


June 7

Workshop at Musicworks

Wellington NZ


June 7 and 8th

WJC at Pyramid Club 8 and 10pm


June 9

Workshop at Kenneth Myer Centre 5pm

JC Kenneth Myer Centre 7pm



June 10

Orange Studio 7:30pm

Christ Church, NZ


June 13,14

Milestones Summer Jazz Camp

Fresno, CA


June 18

Eduardo Belo

Cornelia st Cafe 8pm


June 18

Charles Owens Quartet

Smalls 10:30pm


June 19

Ari Hoenig group

Smalls 10:30pm


June 20

Pete’s Candy Store

Ryan Slatko


June 24

Rochester Jazz Festival

Billy Childs Quartet


June 25


Billy Childs Quartet


June 26

Ari Hoenig Group

Smalls 10:30pm


June 27

Francois Moutin

55 bar 10pm


July 1

Pilc Moutin Hoenig

Chris’s Jazz Cafe

Philadelphia PA


July 2

Pilc Moutin Hoenig

55 Bar 10pm


July 3

Pilc Moutin Hoenig

Smalls 10:30pm


July 6

Bucharest Jazz Festival

Ion Baclu Trio


July 7

Ari Hoenig Trio with Nitai Hershkovits and Or Bareket

North Sea Jazz Fest

Rotterdam NE


July 8

Ari Hoenig Trio with Nitai Hershkovits and Or Bareket


Tel Aviv, Israel


July 9

AH Trio masterclass Tel Aviv