Sept 20

Blue Whale with 

Kenny Werner and Johannes Weidenmueller

Los Angeles


Sept 21

Kenny Werner Trio

Soka, CA


Sept 25-Oct 15

European Tour Gael Horellou and Ari Hoenig Quartet

with Etienne DeConfin and Viktor Nyberg


Sept 26


Caen, FR


Sept  27

Duc de Lombards

Paris, FR


Sept 28

Jazz Station

Bruxelles, BE


Sept 29

Den Haag

Pavlov, NE


Oct 1

Le Bolero

Angers, FR


Oct 2

Le Taquin

Toulouse, FR


Oct 3

Jazz Fola

Aix en Province, FR


Oct 5

Le Moulin a Jazz

Vitrolles, FR


Oct 7

“Nasty Factorz”

La Baie des Singes

Cournon, FR


Oct 8


Arvika, Sweden


Oct 9


Gothenburg, Sweden


Oct 10


Copenhagen, DE


Oct 12

La Comédie

Ferney-Voltaire, FR


Oct 13

“Nasty Factorz”

Le Sirius

Lyon, R


Oct 14

Le Hot Club

Lyon, FR


Oct 15

Duende jazz bar

with Jiannis Pavlidis and Lakis Tzimkas

Thessaloniki, Greece


Oct 16

with Jiannis Pavlidis and Lakis Tzimkas

Chamber Scene Plovdiv, Radio Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Oct 17

Marmelada wine bar

with Jiannis Pavlidis and Lakis Tzimkas

Komotini, Greece


Oct 19

Dave Pietro

Kitano NYC 8pm


Oct 21

Ari Hoenig Trio

Smalls NYC 7:30


Oct 22-25

Residency at University of Wyoming


Oct 26

Ben Markley big band featuring the music of AH

Dazzle Jazz Club

Denver, CO


Oct 28

Ari Hoenig Trio

Smalls 7:30 NYC


Nov 8

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Billy Childs


Dec 7+8

Ari Hoenig Trio

Blue Whale

Los Angeles


Dec 9,10,11

Ari Hoenig Trio


Portland, OR


Dec 11

Ari Hoenig Trio masterclass

Mt Hood College, OR