New Album: Conner’s Days

Released on May 15th 2019 with Nitai Hershkovits and Or Bareket.

Find it on : iTunes , Spotify  and Amazon

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A few months ago I started a Patreon page. There, I share tutorial videos, projects I’m working on, previews of unreleased music as well as a few performance clips. If you become a member, you can see all the exclusive content that you can’t find anywhere else. You will be supporting me doing what I love to do and helping me do more of it. Being a member will also help me get to know each of you more personally through the interactive questions and comments. A great thing about supporting through Patreon is that there is no middleman such as a record label or venue telling me what to do.

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Album : NY Standard

For his latest album, NY Standard, Ari Hoenig pays tribute to the movement and tradition of playing jazz standards in New York City.

“Once you learn a song there are so many different directions and conversations you can have using that song as a starting point. It’s kind of like a private conversation you can have with other people who know the song.”

Album: The Pauper & the Magician

Once upon a time, there lived a powerful magician with darkness in his heart. He was the greatest sorcerer in all the land, and he used his abilities for deeds both evil and strange. In a rare moment of weakness and boredom, the magician tossed his magical book to a panhandling pauper, inviting the pauper to be enveloped into the magician’s own unique, twisted dimension inside the book itself.